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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Guidelines

Computer Lab Use Policy

  1. This policy applies to the computer lab facilities available at MGCC used in supporting the computing needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the college. Its purpose is to ensure the equitable, legal, and economical use of these facilities by authorized college users. The following policies relate to their use:
  2. Computer labs are neither designed nor available for use by the general public. Access is limited to students, faculty, and staff engaged in college related activities only. Community patrons may use the designated computers in the MGCC library.
  3. Computer equipment and software are to be used in support of the mission of the college and are not to be used for commercial or personal objectives, or non-college related activities. Staff can and will periodically examine computer records (which may include files, logs, and listings) to diagnose problems and to assure these policies are being followed.
  4. In cases where an account is assigned to an individual, it must not be used by others. The individual is responsible for the proper use of the account, including proper password protection.
  5. No user shall attempt to alter in any manner the setup of the hardware or software on individual computer workstations or enterprise systems (Blackboard, SIS, etc.) unless expressly authorized by support personnel. Utilization of files from outside sources is highly discouraged due to possible contamination from viruses.
  6. Users shall not attempt to gain access to any privileged account or files unless specifically authorized. This includes access to operating system files and files belonging to other users. Each user is expected to utilize the computing resources and facilities in a manner which does not infringe upon use of these resources by others.
  7. Use of the facilities for required work has priority over use for convenience. Recreational use of the equipment and software is expressly forbidden.
  8. No user shall use any equipment or software in an activity which violates federal, state, or local laws.
  9. Computer software protected by copyright is not to be copied except as permitted by law or by the contract with the owner of the copyright. The number of copies and distribution of the copies may not be done in such a way that the number of simultaneous users exceeds the total authorized for the college. Private copies of software should not be used on college equipment. College staff is expressly forbidden to assist in the use of illegally obtained or improperly licensed software.

Information Technology Student/Patron Acceptable Use Agreement

As a student of Mountain Gateway Community College, and a user of MGCC and the Virginia Community College System’s local and shared computer systems, I understand and agree to abide by the following acceptable use policy terms. These terms govern my access to, and use of, the information technology applications, services, devices, credentials, and resources provided by MGCC and the VCCS.

By acknowledging this agreement, I hereby certify that I understand the following terms and provisions and that I accept the responsibility of adhering to the same.

  • MGCC has granted me access to an official VCCS g-mail account, and I will use this account as my primary vehicle for all official MGCC communications.
  • I will not use any access control mechanism that MGCC and/or the VCCS has not expressly assigned to me.
  • I will not share my login credentials or passwords with any unauthorized person.
  • I will not send unencrypted sensitive or confidential information, belonging to others or myself, such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Information, or Bank Account Information through MGCC or VCCS e-mail or messaging systems, regardless of whether the owner of such information has granted me permission.
  • I will treat all information maintained on MGCC and VCCS computer systems as strictly confidential and will not release information to any unauthorized person.
  • MGCC computer systems and e-mail accounts are only to be used for official MGCC purposes pertaining to the role of the user.
  • I will use care when opening e-mails and attachments to avoid introducing malware into MGCC and VCCS systems.
  • I will follow all of the applicable security policies and procedures of DLSCC and VCCS information technology systems.
  • I understand and agree that any computers, software, and storage media provided to me by MGCC contain proprietary and confidential information about MGCC, its staff and students, and that this is and remains the property of MGCC at all times.
  • I will not copy or duplicate (expect for authorized purposes) or allow anyone else to copy or duplicate any information or software from any MGCC information systems.
  • I agree that upon leaving MGCC I will immediately return to MGCC the original and copies of any and all software, files, information technology materials or equipment that I may have received from MGCC that are either in my possession or otherwise directly or indirectly under my control.
  • I will not use MGCC or VCCS information technology systems for any use that is in violation of applicable local, state, or federal law.
  • I will not access, upload, download, transmit, print, post, or store information with sexually explicit content as prohibited by law.
  • I will not access, upload, download, transmit, print, post, or store fraudulent, threatening, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful messages or images.
  • I will not access, upload, download, transmit, print, communicate, or post access-restricted agency information, proprietary information, sensitive state data or records, or copyrighted materials in violation of agency or state policy.
  • I will not post information or send electronic communications such as e-mail using another’s identity.

The penalties for unauthorized disclosure of data can be found in the Code of Virginia § 18.2 - 186.6 (

Copyright law protects computer software, databases, and electronic documents. A copyright is a work of authorship in a tangible medium. Copyright owners have the sole right to reproduce their work, prepare derivatives or adaptations of it, and distribute it by sale, rent, license lease, or lending and/or to perform or display it. An employee must either have an express or implied license to use copyrighted material or data or be able to prove fair use. Users of MGCC computers are responsible for understanding how copyright law applies to their electronic transactions. They may not violate the copyright protection of any information, software, or data with which they come into contact through the MGCC computing resources. Downloading or distributing copyrighted materials such as documents, movies, music etc. without the permission of the rightful owner may be considered copyright infringement, which is illegal under federal and state copyright law. Use of the MGCC network resources to commit acts of copyright infringement may be subject to prosecution and disciplinary action.

The penalties for infringing copyright law can be found under the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. §§ 501513 ( and in the US Copyright Office’s summary of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (

If I observe any incidents of non-compliance with the terms of this agreement, I am responsible for reporting them to the MGCC Information Security Officer. I understand that I must use only those information technology resources that I have the authority to use. I must not provide false or misleading information to gain access to information technology resources. MGCC may regard these actions as criminal acts and may treat them accordingly. I must not use MGCC Information Technology resources to gain unauthorized access to information technology resources of other institutions, organizations, individuals, etc.

The System Office and Mountain Gateway Community College reserve the right (with or without cause) to monitor, access, and disclose all data created, sent, received, processed, or stored on MGCC systems to ensure compliance with MGCC policies and federal, state, or local regulations. MGCC or System Office officials will have the right to review and/or confiscate (as needed) any equipment (Commonwealth of Virginia owned or personal) connected to a COV owned device or network.

I understand that it is my responsibility to read and abide by this policy, even if I do not agree with it. If I have any questions about this policy or any other information technology policy, I understand that I need to contact the MGCC Information Security Officer or appropriate college official for clarification.

By acknowledging this agreement, I hereby certify that I understand the preceding terms and provisions and that I accept the responsibility of adhering to the same. I further acknowledge that should I violate this policy I will be subject to disciplinary action.

Official E-mail Communications with Students

VCCS has established e-mail as a primary vehicle for official communication with students. An official VCCS Gmail e-mail address has been established and assigned by the VCCS and the colleges for each registered student, and current faculty and staff member. All communications sent via e-mail will be sent to the students’ Gmail address. Faculty members will use their official MGCC e-mail address to communicate with a student registered in their classes and administrative units will correspond with students via this address.

The VCCS expects that students will receive and read e-mail in a timely manner. Students are expected to maintain their accounts and check their e-mail periodically so that new mail will be properly received and read. A student’s failure to receive and read official college communications delivered to their Gmail e-mail address in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

While students are allowed to redirect e-mail from their official VCCS e-mail address to another address (e.g.,, they do so at their own risk. The VCCS is not responsible for the handling of e-mail by other service providers. Having e-mail redirected does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of the communication sent to their official college e-mail address.